Change The World – Create A Confidence Legacy Today

What is a confidence legacy?

The Oxford Dictionaries define “legacy” as:- “Something left or handed down by a predecessor.”

For this definition, you are the “predecessor” i.e. after you have died.

So it reads – a legacy is “something you will leave or hand down to others after you have died.”

So a confidence legacy is – is something you will leave or hand down to others with regard to confidence after you have died.

So, will you leave the world more confident than it was when you were born? And if it is to be more confident, in what ways will it be more confident, and what confident resources will you be leaving the world (i.e. books, videos, memories of how you lived and what you did etc.)?

It’s not cheery to talk about dying, but it will happen, and it’s best to plan your life with that in mind. To help you do this, I’ve two quick exercises for you to do.

The first exercise will help you work out how you want people to remember you after you have died?

All you need to do is:

Step 1 – List the categories of people in your life e.g. partner, family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues etc.

Step 2 – Write a short speech for each of the categories – and the speech is what you’d like them to say about you at your own funeral.

Once you have done this you’ll have clarified how you’d like people to remember you after you have gone. This gets you to the core of what you really want out of life, and what is important to you. Once you know this you can start planning your life so you know what you need to do from today onwards, in order to make those speeches really happen.

The second exercise, really narrows down on what is important to you and what sort of general legacy you’d like to leave.

All you need to do is just imagine yourself on your deathbed, about to die. What sort of things will you be thinking about? What will you be remembering? What regrets will you have? What would you like to have achieved in your life? What would you like to own, and where would you like to have travelled to? How many people are your friends? Who will love you? How will your family be? What sort of legacy will you be leaving the world?

An additional question to ask yourself at the end of this exercise is – “What sort of confidence legacy will you be leaving the world?”

Write your answers out so you don’t forget them.

Now that you know how you’d like to leave the world when you die, and what sort of confidence legacy you’d like to leave, you can now ask how can you leave this legacy? What do you need to do to make it happen.

In order to work this out, all you need to do is just brainstorm in what ways you can leave a legacy of confidence.

Examples could be:-

1 – The example of you having lived a confident life. This is you leading by example.

2 – A book about confidence

3 – Online videos about confidence

4 – A confident family. They are confident because you’ve raised them to be confident.

5 – Your neighbourhood full of confident people.

6 – All your friends and acquaintances, and work colleagues (both past and present) being confident.

These become your confidence legacy goals, and knowing your goals means you can start to create your plan as to how you are going to achieve your goals.

You’ll need to come back to your goals and plan regularly (I’d say daily) in order to (I) develop it so that it lasts you a life time, (ii) to pull out actions that you need to do today, and (iii) complete some actions today towards your confidence legacy goals.

If you decide to leave a confidence legacy once you die, you will receive a lot of benefits.

The benefits you’ll receive include, you’ll:

1 – Be more confident now,

2 – Maintain your higher level of confidence for longer,

3 – Enjoy your life more, and

4 – Achieve more

You will also get a tremendous sense that you are contributing to the future of the world. This will give you a dramatic boost of confidence.

Having such a longterm goal means that when confidence shaking things happen to you, you’ll be more confident as they’ll be put into perspective and will appear smaller to you.

We should all plan to leave a confidence legacy. Can you imagine what our world would be like if we did? If everyone made it one of their life goals to leave everyone in the world, and future generations more confident, what a positive future that would be.

So just before you finish, decide that you’ll leave a confidence legacy, and leave the world a better place. Give people something positive to remember you by. Do the two exercises, and enjoy feeling your confidence increase as a result.